Got Money?

Do you have too much money and like technology? Consider these gifts to yourself.

Dell has a 32-inch 8K (not 4K) monitor. The 8K monitor has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels. This is 4 times the resolution of a 4K monitor, which is 4 times the resolution of a 1080p monitor or common LED TV. You can view 1 billion colors and 33 million pixels on this monitor. The viewing angle is 178 degrees. Price? $4,999.

Want to store all of your files on a USB flash drive and have it in your pocket? Kingston’s new 2TB flash drive will let you do just that. The 2TB Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate Generation. You can store 70 hours of 4K videos on this monster or 256,000 16MB photos. Cost? The price isn’t set yet, but about $5,000.

For more modest needs and budgets, please call us at 952-939-0174 or stop by.

Happy New Year!


The end of the year approaches. Out with 2016 and in with 2017. Now is a great time to get a computer tuneup for just $99.99 (if you mention this special). This is also a great time to consider your computer needs. Is your computer getting slow, old, or erratic? Are you finding deficiencies in your computer needs? Can’t do something on your computer that others can do? We can help you in the new year. Please give us a call at 952-939-0174. Have a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas


My girlfriend and I were down to one car since hers was in the shop. She had to pick me up after work on Friday and I had promised to stop at a customer’s home after work and replace a wireless router. As you know, the weather was bad that day but we made it there. The customer then hired me to replace a cable modem that had just arrived from Comcast. It took me over an hour to get it to work properly because of 3 factors:
1. Her Windows 10 wasn’t up to date with the patch to fix flaky wireless signals.
2. Her wireless card needed a driver update to work properly.
3. Her router needed a firmware update to work properly.
99% of customers would not know how to do these things and I happened to guess why we couldn’t get her laptop on the wireless Internet. She gratefully paid me for my time and we safely headed home. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Computer Work is Tiring!

Tired businessman sitting at the table with laptop in office. Focus on laptop

Computer work is not glamorous and often tiring. This week, a business customer of ours had a Tupperware bowl fall from a shelf at home and hit his laptop. Somehow, the keystrokes typed by the falling projectile deleted his e-mail account and all of his e-mails in Windows Live Mail. He hired us to recover the e-mails and set up his account again. As long as we had the computer, I recommended he move to Outlook e-mail software. It took over a day to do this! It took 8 hours to restore some e-mail files from his backup hard drive. It also took time to delete the thousands of duplicate e-mails and addresses in his old Live Mail and to convert to Outlook. To speed things along, I installed remote control software on his laptop and nudged the processes along from home that night. I worked until midnight and woke up at 2am, 5am and 7am to keep processes going. I probably didn’t get paid for all of my time but I am proud of the work we did. Not many technicians could do what I did for him. Yawn!

I Upgraded to Windows 10


Well, I took the plunge and upgraded my main work computer to Windows 10 last weekend. To my delight, the process went very well. My computer feels a bit faster and smooth. Windows 10 is good until 2025 (9 years from now), while Windows 7 expires in 3 years.

Yes, we have upgraded dozens of customers to Windows 10, but my own computer has dozens of specialty software programs on it that may not like the new operating system. This is one reason I procrastinated. To be safe, I “cloned” my hard drive to another hard drive prior to the upgrade in case things didn’t go well. We do the same process for our customers. The free Windows 10 upgrade expired July 29th, but we can upgrade your computer to Windows 10 for $149 (or $199 for same-day service). This includes a Windows 10 license and our labor to make the transition go smoothly. Give us a call at 952-939-0174 if you wish to discuss your own upgrade.

$99 Laptop?


A company whose name rhymes with “Hell” is offering a $99 laptop this coming Black Friday. (Quantities limited, of course.) A $99 laptop?  Unbelievable? Fantastic value? Not really. What do you get for $99?

  • A brain-dead Celeron processor that is very slow compared to the faster i7, i5, i3, or even Pentium processors found in cheaper computers.
  • 2GB memory, compared to the 4GB to 8GB we put into even our refurbished computers. This makes the computer able to barely start Windows 10 and launch a single program without getting really slowww….
  • 32GB hard drive, compared to the 500GB hard drives we have with our models. Don’t expect to save many pictures, videos, or e-mail. I have USB flash drives that are bigger than that! 
  • 11.6″ screen you can barely use. If you have vision problems or are older, skip this laptop. You won’t be able to see the menus or web sites clearly. We have laptops that range from 12.1″ to 17.1″ screens. Don’t settle for tiny!

At $99, there had to be a catch. Don’t fall for it. Get the correct laptop for your needs, not just what they’re pushing. Quit salivating over the great price. We can help you get a laptop that fits your budget AND your needs.

Trick or Treat!


We have a Halloween special until 10/31. Save $100 on any used or new computer over $500. Also, get a FREE 32GB USB 3.0 (the faster kind!) flash drive with any $100 purchase.

Also, leave us a Google review and we will give you $50 off any service. Just click on the link and give us a review, good or bad. Thank you!


Get More Speed (and Safety) with a New Wireless Router


I went to a customer’s home this week and I usually test the speed of their Internet using I was surprised she was only getting 15Mbps speed when she is paying for 75Mbps. She was getting 1/5th the speed! I found out the problem was her antiquated wireless router from Linksys. I replaced it with a newer model that could stretch the signal throughout her house. She is now getting 50-75MBps wherever she is in the house. If your router is older than 2 years, you might want to replace it. We can program the router with the same password so you don’t have to reprogram everything that uses it. Please call us at 952-939-0174.

Back Up for a Rainy Day!

We had a customer drop a laptop just 1 foot onto a carpeted floor. The computer seemed to be fine but started locking up and then just wouldn’t start after 2 weeks. Her hard drive was failing. She hadn’t backed up her files for 6 months. We saved all of her files, including pictures of her two 6-year-old twin girls. We can help you back up your files to the cloud or to an external hard drive or flash drive. Paying us to prepare a backup system is way less than hiring us for data recovery services.

What is Your Data Worth?

Hard Drive reflecting circuit board at angle

Hard Drive reflecting circuit board at angle

A competitor hired us for the 2nd time to save them embarrassment. A technician at this larger business reinstalled Windows on top of the customer’s hard drive before backing up her files. Whoops! They tried 3 different data recovery programs and failed to get any files back. They brought the hard drive to us (in their pockets without being in an antistatic bag) and we tried to recover her files. The competitor restored “garbage” files on top of the existing drives (a big no-no), which made our job even more difficult. After 5 hours and 5 different data recovery programs, we retrieved 15% of the customer’s files. Her address book, pictures of her grandparent’s funeral, poems, and more. However, the competitor didn’t want to pay us for our work and would rather suffer the customer’s wrath. Moral of the story: back up your files and bring your computer to a professional with almost 30 years of experience.